Capturing the action for the win!

A Winning Team

Capturing a season the way it should be remembered - with all the action!

Premier and Stoodio have come together to bring youth sports the perfect way to retell the story of a season.  Our system makes it easy to take crowd-sourced video and photos from parents and professionals and create a book event by event or chronologically.  Because our books deliver in two forms - Premium Print and Dynamic Digital, our Sports Books can tell the full story with both the perfect shots and video of the winning shots.  

Sports Books give players and parents the keepsake they will treasure while also helping teams and clubs increase their revenue.  A profit margin of your choosing can be added to the cost of each book for an immediate boost to your bottom line. You will also earn a longterm passive income from the commission on all future purchases made by your families...forever!

Season books, camp books, and tournament books are a win-win!