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Student Portfolio

Telling a More Complete Academic Story

Student Portfolio is an academic yearbook enabling students to capture and preserve their reflections and artifacts of their learning.  Text, photos, and videos can all be included in this dual-delivered collection of work.  Student Portfolio allows students to see their progress over the course of the year.

Students are thoughtful about the work they include and feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment seeing their work preserved in a book. Parents love that they have a special keepsake from the year that they can share with relatives and future generations. Schools love that students are focused on delivering their best work.

Celebrating a Milestone

This special book begins with the graduate's photo and is personalized with photos, videos, and music. Teachers, friends, family members, and mentors are invited to add their photos, notes, or videos retelling stories, sharing words of wisdom and encouragement, and wishing congratulations.


It is a meaningful keepsake that will be treasured for all of their lives.

Marking moments that matter.

Discovering My History

My Familytree Storybook

My Familytree Storybook is a curriculum that helps teachers talk about family, ancestry, and genealogy with students that culminates into a project.  The project is a book to which the student and all invited relatives easily contribute answers to questions, stories, notes of encouragement, photos, and EVEN video. Each relative pays for the section he/she contributes. (This is the fundraising piece!)  Through relatives buying their portions of the book, the student receives the hardbound book for free.  The student and all contributing relatives receive a dynamic digital edition of the book.  Your school earns money from every book sold.  It is a WIN all the way around!


~ Delivers in two forms:

Dynamic Digital and Premium Printed

~ Can be personalized with student's own photos and

reflections directly from their phones.

~ Text, photos, videos, slideshows, and songs

seamlessly blend into stories.

~ Multiple team members can work on different sections

of the book at the same time. 

~ Crowd-sourcing and facial recognition capabilities make soliciting photos for the yearbook and finding the right photos effortless. 


Easy. Intuitive. Dual Delivery. Great Value. Late Deadlines.

Sharing My Story

My Year In A Book

We provide an easy way for parents to combine a student's school memories and their family's memories into one beautiful book.


Our completely personalized My Year In A Book has the student's school portrait, composite/group, teacher composite or group, and then pages that can be personalized to include memories from inside and outside school throughout the year.

Learning Outside of the Classroom

Make the most of your special trips with our stunning trip books. We combine beautiful professional photos and education-rich text along with a student's reflections and fun memories to create the perfect keepsake.

Sports Books

Replaying the Season

Our sports books truly capture the essence of a student athlete's season the way a typical sports portrait can't. The action shots are where the grit, determination, and joy of the team are seen.


Our sports books provide a great way to monetize the photos and videos that are already being taken by parents, school photographers, and yearbook photographers.


Our sports books can be created for the team in minutes and edited by each player's family, if desired.


Of course, like all of our other books, our sports books come in both print and digital editions giving the video of the buzzer-beating basket, the winning touchdown, or the victorious crossing of the finish line a perfect home - as part of the amazing story of the season!

Student Publishing

We help teachers turn their bright ideas into pride-swelling books for your students.  Art books.  Graphic novels.  Recipe books.  Hero's journeys.  Poetry compendiums.  We transform innovative learning into keepsakes that last a lifetime!


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