Telling the story perfectly from the very beginning.

The Better Baby Book

Documenting a baby's story should be easy because...parenting isn't.  Mama needs easy.

Imagine a baby book that allows parents to document their thoughts, fears, joys, and anticipation; captures their baby bump progress; and preserves video messages from loved ones easily. 


Parents can fill out their baby's book effortlessly from their phones.  Relatives and friends can contribute photos and words of encouragement, advice, and love through text or video.  Our adorable baby book delivers in two forms - Premium Print Edition and Dynamic Digital Edition.  The print edition is a beautiful,10x10, hardcover book with semi-gloss pages.  The digital edition is easily sharable and can be added to year after year.

Our better baby book can be tastefully branded and is a perfect gift for patients and clients.  It can also be sold for a profit of your choosing.  Because our system is a perfect way for new parents to store, curate, create with, and share their photos, families will love and use our system, and you will earn 10% of all items purchased in perpetuity.