Celebrating a life by preserving a story.


Capturing Memories with 

Memorial Books

Sharing and preserving the memories of ones who have passed help their legacies live on.

Memorial books are a true celebration of life.  They keep memories vivid when our minds fade, making them the best way for someone who has passed to be known by and live in the hearts and minds of generations to come.  

Our unique Memorial Books are offered through funeral homes and include much of the information that loved ones have to pull together for obituaries and celebration of life ceremonies.  Our program makes it virtually effortless to invite others to contribute to the book.  Our customizable, templated book guides contributors to include special memories, stories, and reflections rather than sympathies and condolences.  Because our books deliver in two forms - Premium Print and Dynamic Digital, our Memorial Books can include special video clips of the dearly departed or friends and family.

Memorial Books give family members the keepsake they will treasure while also helping funeral homes increase their revenue.  A profit margin of your choosing can be added to the cost of each book for an immediate boost to your bottom line, as well as ​a longterm passive income from the commission earned on all purchases made by your clients and their families and friends within our system...forever!