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Complete Storytelling...Easier. Better.

Premier and Stoodio are committed to helping people tell, preserve, and share ALL of their amazing stories by meeting them during all of their most memorable moments (The ones YOU help create!) so that we can help you tell your story better too!


We are working hard to help tell better stories in many verticals...  


Camp is an experience like no other.  The adventures, the growing, the bonding...THE STORIES!  We are partnering with camps to create the ultimate camp keepsake.


Short-term mission trips make a lasting impact on the people served and the people serving.  We are merging fundraising and storytelling to create a winning story with a very happy ending for missions organizations.

Fan Experiences

Combining personal fan experiences with the stories of the focus of their passion equals THE BEST GIFT EVER!  We are helping professional and collegiate sports teams, car manufacturers, and others delight their super fans.  

And More!

We are always looking for ways to scoop the story and add to the bottom line of Memory Makers.  We'd love to work with you!