The Scoop

We are passionate about helping people transform their special moments into sharable, lasting memories and... helping you grow your business and bottom line. 

How we do it?

Our foundation is a powerful, consumer-driven, storytelling technology... 

We've partnered with technology firm Stoodio, which has leveraged the most advanced image curation, facial recognition, and A.I. software to create a revolutionary storytelling system that is easy enough to work directly from a phone. The powerful platform allows users to effortlessly combine their text, images, audio, and video with those of professionals and others.  The system even allows multiple authors to contribute to a single publication, for that single publication (think fundraising).

...With unique features that ensure the best story

  • Photos, video, text, and music come together to tell the perfect story

  • All books deliver in two forms: Dynamic Digital and Premium Print

  • Templates with editable prompts and professionally-generated text and images that help users author the most compelling stories

  • Professional design capabilities

  • Access to public and private crowd-sourced galleries that help users find the perfect image, even if they missed "THE" shot

  • Ability to easily invite other contributors to add their content to a book

  • Long-term image storing, creating, and sharing solution

  • Provides a long-term passive income stream and fundraising possibilities   

Connecting over a moment in time with a solution for a lifetime

We introduce our service to users through "Memory Makers", the businesses that and people who create or capture the special moments in peoples' lives, because it is in that special moment people are acutely aware of how important it is to preserve and share that moment.

We also believe in business symbiosis..."Memory Makers" attract our ideal target user, while our service provides our partner businesses with two significant benefits: 

1. The best, no-cost, brand-building marketing

2. Long-term, no-effort, passive income - PURE PROFIT

Image by Paige Cody

A shared life deserves a shared story


Users can combine their personal content with shared media from invited contributors as well as crowd-sourced and professional content....ensuring the perfect image is always available.


Our revolutionary program enables users to tell their stories in new, exciting, and easier-than-ever ways. Together Premier and Stoodio bring to the marketplace an effortless, mobile-based solution that vastly simplifies the arduous task of searching, sorting, and sifting our growing stockpiles of digital media to effortlessly curate, compose, preserve, and share memories.


Capturing media has never been easier than it is today, but telling our stories continues to be a struggle. Photos, videos, audio, and written word combined tell the story of our lives. In the current climate, however, they are scattered among people and across platforms and devices. Our stories deserve to be told—they deserve better!